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Orr Shalom

Neighbours Aid funds contribute to the costs of Beit Goldschmidt Home for 12 girls aged 9 -14 who have been seriously traumatised from years of extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse, severe neglect and other traumatic events in their lives. Nearly all the girls have been hospitalised in psychiatric wards. Their behavioural and psychological problems are so severe that they cannot be integrated into other programs. This home is a last stop safety net for these girls who would otherwise be living in psychiatric hospitals.

Neighbours Aid’s funding contributes to the costs of the care of the girls at Beit Goldschmidt Home, ensuring they receive the attention, therapy, and stability they need. Without this home, they would have no alternative but to remain in psychiatric hospitals.

Orr Shalom is committed to providing a nurturing environment and transformative opportunities for these girls, helping them heal, grow, and build brighter futures. Join us in supporting the Beit Goldschmidt Home bringing hope to those who need it most.

We partner with Global Development Group to support Project B056.

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