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Environmental Impact

Working together for the environment

Environmental Impact Calculator

What difference do your goods donations actually make?

Simply input the quantity of each item below and the calculator will calculate the
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and energy usage associated with
those items.

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Cotton T-Shirt

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Woollen Jumper

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General Clothing

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Small Electronics

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Books & Magazines

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Upholstery Furniture

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Small Furniture

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Large Furniture

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Toys and Homewares

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Trees Absorbing CO2 in a day

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Trees Absorbing CO2 in a day

* This calculator provides estimates based on average values. Actual values may vary.

We can change the world

Help Us Reach Our Goal

At Neighbours Aid, we’re deeply committed to environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable practices. Our dedication to reducing waste and encouraging reuse is at the core of our mission to make a positive impact. By exploring our op shops, you can find a wide range of quality secondhand items, and with every purchase, you support our cause.

Embracing Sustainability

At Neighbours Aid, we have always been dedicated to environmentally conscious practices. We strive to limit waste, promote the principles of reduce, reuse, and repair, and embrace recycling as a responsible solution.

Sustainable Shopping at Neighbours Aid

At Neighbours Aid, we’re passionate about environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable practices. As part of our commitment to reducing waste and encouraging reuse, we invite you to explore our op shops filled with quality secondhand items. Every purchase made supports our mission of making a positive impact.

Clothing Recycling for Pacific Islands

In line with our dedication to environmental responsibility, we also established the Neighbours Aid Recyclables project. Since 2017, this initiative has allowed us to recycle used clothing in Australia and export it to our Pacific Island neighbours for sale. Through meticulous sorting, baling, and processing, we ensure that these recycled goods are ready to be shipped in the provided containers.

Achieving Accreditation

In 2023, we reached a significant milestone by obtaining accreditation under Charitable Recycling Australia’s Clothing Reuse Export Accreditation Scheme. This accreditation acknowledges our commitment to exporting unsold but still usable clothing “in an environmentally and socially appropriate manner.” 

Make a Difference with Your Donation

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Each day, our stores receive generous donations of high-quality clothing. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we export these items overseas, extending their usefulness and supporting our Pacific Island neighbours. With this accreditation, we ensure that our exports align with our environmentally conscious values and practices upheld in our stores.