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E News October 2023

Shivam's Story

as told by Arnab Sahoo - EduCare team member

Once upon a time in a small village in Bihar, lived a little boy named Shivam. He belonged to a loving family, which consisted of his parents, his doting grandmother, and two caring aunts. Their lives were marked by difficulties. Shivam’s mother has been undergoing treatment for a rare condition in which small worms are infested in her brain. Shivam at the age of three and a half had an insatiable appetite and was adorably cute and healthy, displaying immense love to everyone around him. Even amid adversity his optimistic nature and thoughtful mindset shone through.

One significant milestone in Shivam’s life was his first day at an Educare Learning Centre. As he sat on the bench, unfamiliar with the concept of school, he burst into tears. However, the compassionate teachers quickly reassured him that all the other children were his friends, and he soon began playing with his newfound companions.

The teachers started with the basics, teaching Shivam how to hold a pencil. Gradually he learnt to draw large letters and colour them. Shivam’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable and he was eager to learn new things. He asked countless questions, displaying a remarkable level of curiosity.

When asked about his aspirations for the future, he replied,

“Right now, I will study a lot. Then, I will earn money by doing great work and give it all to my mother.”

When questioned about what his mother would do with the money, he simply said,

“She will buy me lots of chocolates!”

As the days passed, Shivam continued to grow, learn, and spread happiness wherever he went.

Shivam has hope for the future thanks to Educare's dedicated teachers.

Thanks to teachers everywhere for the great work you do!

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