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Neighbours Aid Shining a Light Through Empowering Vulnerable Communities Around the World

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die every day from poverty related causes. These children die in some of the poorest villages on earth, away from the eyes of the media and unseen and ignored by most of the of the world. Nelson Mandela reminded us that poverty is not an accident. It is man  made and, like slavery and apartheid, it can be removed by the actions of human beings.

Neighbours Aid is committed to empowering vulnerable communities around the world through developing sustainable projects. The children in communities like Nchalo, one of the poorest villages in Malawi, receive free education and two meals a day in a Neighbours Aid funded primary school. They can then attend our high school in Samuti as boarders.  Young people like Shoni, one of our students, often experience hunger when crops don’t grow because of floods or drought. Shoni hopes to graduate from high school in January next year. Neighbours Aid and our partners are shining a light in Nchalo village for young people like Shoni, giving them an opportunity for a brighter future through education.

Jesma O’Hara








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