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Neighbours Aid E News March 2021

Vision plus Action Changes the World

Neighbours Aid has a vision to change the world one life at a time. To do this we partner with wonderful people in Malawi, Kenya, India and Israel who are working hard on the ground bringing change to their communities.  Our initiatives include fully funding projects that include:

  • 3 primary schools and a high school
  • A high school, tertiary and university education for poor village students
  • Farming initiatives, including organic farming
  • A medical clinic
  • A nursing college
  • Medical and wellbeing programs in rural and urban slum communities
  • A home for teen mums and victims of child marriage and female genital mutilation
  • Tailoring and literacy programs for women living in slum communities
  • 2 childrens residences for orphaned and vulnerable children








In Israel our funds help to support an after school tutoring program for Jewish Ethiopian children and a home for severely abused girls.

We also send containers of goods to Fiji where they are sold in a small op shop with funds going to help Fiji’s young people have the chance of a better life.

In Australia we contribute funds to an indigenous school in Queensland’s remote Gulf Country and a chaplaincy program in schools.

Seventy-seven per cent of the funds we give away are generated through our seven op shops. The remaining comes from child sponsorships (8 %) and donations from supporters (15%). We are so grateful for the 380 volunteers who work tirelessly in our stores, our nineteen full and part-time staff members and our local communities who donate goods for sale or shop in our stores.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. In Neighbours Aid’s experience, it takes a worldwide family who are committed to changing our world one life at a time.



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