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Neighbours Aid E News July 2020 Newsletter

Neighbours Aid Empowers Vulnerable Communities Around the World through the Development of Sustainable Projects.

Neighbours Aid is fortunate to have a team of committed folk who contribute their time, experience and expertise to oversee the governance of Neighbours Aid and ensure that we fulfill our mission to empower vulnerable communities around the world. The Board consists of, Mickey Pettiford (Chair); Tim McNamara (Treasurer); Tenille Peni-Hudson (Company Secretary); John O’Hara (CEO); Jesma O’Hara and Helen Hall. Our grateful thanks to John Collins who has stepped down from the board to focus on our Gympie Store with wife Debbie.

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Our Projects in a time of COVID-19

News from our project directors in Malawi, Kenya, India and Israel paints a sad picture of the challenges their communities are facing. With their countries in lockdown and schools and businesses closed, with the exception of Israel, their medical facilities have not been well prepared to deal with the outbreaks. Sadly there have been increases in domestic violence, child abuse and teen pregnancies, apart from the increasing number of cases of COVID-19. We are continuing to send support as our partners reach out to the needy with food and medical care. Schools will begin to reopen over the next few months with extra safety precautions.

Staff in India J874 Distributing Food






“Our world changes, throwing up new challenges and new opportunities, and we must respond. And a sense of purpose also needs to be accompanied by resilience, perseverance and clarity of judgement.” Tim Costello

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