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NACS E News 11th October 2016

Neighbours Aid Supports Anti – Poverty Week

The poor did not seek charity; they sought opportunity. They did not want to be lectured to; they wanted to be listened to. They wanted partnership. They do not want my culture or yours. They want their own. They want a future enriched by the inheritance of their past. It is critical that we respect the people, their culture and their traditions and encourage them to develop from within. People have an inherent dignity and we have to honour their history, beliefs and aspirations. Without respect for cultural continuity there can be no true development.” James Wolfensohn.

From our Malawi Director Joe Mukiwa..

On the 4th of September we have opened another school academic year. The school has started very well and the turn up is encouraging. We are registering a lot of children in all the schools. People are now putting their trust in us as they see big progress in a lot of our children. The passing rates are now going high. In the high school we had a single examination class sitting the Junior Certificate. We had 15 children who sat for the examination and the results are positive. Out of 15, 12 children

passed with good grades. In the Primary section we had 16 students who sat for government exams and 14 qualified for high school. We now have 200 children registered in the high school and 284 in the two primary schools at Samuti and Chickwawa”

Neighbours Aid is thrilled to be partnering with our Malawi team in changing the lives of Malawi children and their communities.


Neighbours Aid Study Tour of Israel

The Neighbours Aid Study Tour of Israel was a great success with tour participants gaining a greater understanding of the world of the bible and the current realities in the Middle East. Neighbours Aid will be partnering with Israeli NGO’s in the future to bring change to the lives of some of Israel’s disadvantaged young people. Exciting news coming soon.



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