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Neighbours Aid E News February 2022


Neighbours Aid has been privileged to contribute to the work of Orr Shalom Children’s Homes in Israel since our beginnings in 2002. In recent years we have focussed our giving on a residential care facility for young girls who have major psychiatric challenges due to emotional, physical and sexual abuse. All the girls have been admitted to psychiatric wards at different times and Orr Shalom is their pathway to a brighter future. The average age of those receiving support is 10.5 years. There has been a 30% increase in children needing help during the pandemic. Here are two of their stories:


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Please meet S, aged 10. The only child of new immigrants, S was referred to Orr Shalom following a brief stay in a psychiatric ward. Her dad committed suicide some years ago and her mother has a major mental disorder so S had to look after herself and her mum from an early age. This little girl has never experienced a childhood and is learning how to control her emotions and feel safe and secure.

Israeli law does not allow images of
at-risk children to be published.


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Please meet G, also aged 10. Following a stay in a psychiatric ward, she arrived at Orr Shalom, a victim of years of daily sexual abuse by her mother’s partner. She is learning to understand and communicate how she is feeling as the Orr Shalom staff bring healing and wholeness to her broken life. 


We invite you to partner with us in supporting the work of Orr Shalom donating through our website to BO56 Orr Shalom through our website or contacting the office on (07) 5476 2383 or

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