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February 2019 Enews

Neighbours Aid Partnering together to change our world.

At Neighbours Aid, we appreciate the wonderful people who partner with us bringing positive change to our world. Our staff, volunteers, partners in Malawi, Kenya, India, Fiji and Israel, child sponsors and donors and our customers, all help us make a difference to thousands of lives. In December a team of doctors, nurses and a pharmacist led by Gus Peni-Hudson and Tara Van Der Vliet provided health care to over 700 hundred villagers as they worked with graduates from our Nursing College in Vijayawada.

A team of students, staff members and a parent from Nambour Christian College also joined John and Jesma O’Hara and John Collins on a visit to the two Educare schools in Kolkata slum colonies where some of the world’s poorest children enjoyed literacy, numeracy, music and sporting activities with the team.

NEIGHBOURS AID CHANGING THE WORLD ONE CHILD AT A TIME. Malawi, Fiji, India, Israel & Kenya Neighbours Aid continues to fulfill our vision to change the world one child at a time. We invite you to partner with us. * Sponsor a child
* Donate good quality items for sale.
* Become a volunteer.
* Shop at one of our stores.
Visit our website for more information or call head Office on 07 54762383

“To be a Jew (and a Christian) is to help heal a broken world. We are the people who don’t stand still. We are the people for whom life is a journey to a world of justice, compassion and healing; which is not yet, but which will not cease until we help bring it about. When, out there, there is despair, let us bring hope. When, out there, there is hurt, let us heal. And when, out there, there is division, let us show that we are enlarged and not diminished by our differences.” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

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