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E News 16/2/2016


Travel Group MalawiTravel Group AirportDuring our recent Project Monitoring visit to our African projects I was joined by Helen Hall, Director of Ministries at St John’s Anglican Church Nambour and Luke Zanetti, NACS Nambour manager. These are Helen’s comments on our return,


“To witness the work of Neighbours Aid in Malawi and Kenya was indeed a blessing. Although I knew of their projects and already supported all they do, witnessing the extent to which NACS helps the people of Africa and learning to understand just how great the need is was an enlarging and eye-opening experience. The work of Neighbours Aid is greatly needed and to see how this organisation not only helps children, but the families of those children, including widows and single parents who are poverty stricken, sick and in great suffering solidified my faith in the work of NACS. They are making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of children and families and it is my pledge to continue to support them however I can. “
Helen Hall

Jesma with African Leaders

Malawi Children 2Seeing the positive changes in the lives of over 700 children NACS supports through education, healthcare and the provision of nutritious food is always encouraging and spurs us on to want to help our partners do more to change their communities for the better.  The poverty in these rural slum communities is on a scale which is hard to imagine in our prosperous land but with your

support we can bring about lasting change. In our next newsletters I will be sharing about the development of our new campuses and medical centre and the way women in these communities are being encouraged to start small businesses to provide for their families.

Malawi Children 1You can help us CHANGE AFRICA ONE CHILD AT A TIME by DONATING good quality items at one of our stores VOLUNTEERING even a small amount of time at a store near you SPONSORING a child for $25 a month or GIVING A FINANCIAL GIFT.




Israel Tour 2016

Israel photo 1 Israel Photo 2

The details are now available for the exciting 2016 Tour to Israel led by John and Jesma O’Hara. Tour departs September 17 returning on the 30th. Please contact for details.

“How do we measure success? By answering the question, “are we bringing shalom and making the world a better place?”  [John Stonestreet, Chuch Colson Centre for a Christian Worldview].

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