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Neighbours Aid E News July 2022



News from our Malawi and Kenyan project leaders is challenging. In Malawi, high inflation has caused the prices of food, fuel and other necessities to triple in recent times. Bank interest raters are 15.5% and the currency has been devalued by 25%. Recent floods have caused significant damage to several school buildings and the road and bridge into the village. Children are coming to school hungry so our partners are providing a nourishing meal before they go back to their homes. Prices of basic commodities in Kenya have also tripled in recent times, putting them out of the reach of many people.

Neighbours Aid continues providing not only education, healthcare and nutritious food, but also hope and pathways to a brighter future.


It has been three years since our last Spring Tour to Israel. Now that travel restrictions are easing, we are delighted to offer a tour led by John & Jesma O’Hara in March 2023/

Please contact for more details.


Some of us will have to do with less if those who have very little are going to have enough to survive. It may require a conscious act of some of us saying no, in addition to finding less destructive ways to say yes.
(Wangari Maathai, Replenishing the Earth)


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