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E News September 2023 – Exciting Times

NEW LOOK FOR NEIGHBOURS AID ONLINE! Along with updated content and beautiful new photos from our projects and stores, there is also a fantastic tool developed by Charitable Recycling Australia – the Environmental Impact Calculator. With this tool, you will be able to see exactly what the environmental impact YOUR goods donation will have. AFRICA […]

E News August 2023 – Africa Monitoring Visit

Africa Monitoring Visit - Founders and Malawi Partners Waving

Neighbours Aid team members John and Jesma O’Hara, Gus Peni-Hudson and Rufus Samuel have just returned from monitoring visits to our projects in Malawi and Kenya. Neighbours Aid has been funding projects since 2005 when the O’Hara’s first visited those countries and were impacted by the poverty and needs of the young people. Since that […]

E News May 2023 – National Volunteers Week

Volunteer - Volunteering early in life teaches valuable skills that can set young people up for success.

National Volunteers Week May 15th – 21st! At Neighbours Aid we love the opportunities we get every day to encourage our volunteers! Volunteer Stories One of our managers recently told these stories: “In August of last year I received an application from a 15-year-old. During the initial meeting and induction, she couldn’t make eye contact […]

E News April 2023 – Making A Difference in Israel

Making a Difference in Israel! Neighbours Aid founders, John and Jesma O’Hara, recently took time out of their family holiday in Israel to visit the to NGOs Neighbours Aid supports there – Project Sheba and Orr Shalom Project Sheba Project Sheba uses Neighbours Aid donations to provide scholarships for after school tutoring classes and vacation […]