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March 2019 Enews

NACS LENDS A HELPING HAND TO KENYA’S TEEN MUMS Africa is a continent of young people with approximately 50% of its population under the age of 15. It is also a continent where many people live under the poverty line, existing on less than $1.25 per day. The people suffer

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February 2019 Enews

Neighbours Aid Partnering together to change our world. At Neighbours Aid, we appreciate the wonderful people who partner with us bringing positive change to our world. Our staff, volunteers, partners in Malawi, Kenya, India, Fiji and Israel, child sponsors and donors and our customers, all help us make a difference

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January 2019 Enews

Thank you to all of our friends, staff, volunteers, partners and supporters for sharing our journey throughout 2018. We wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2019. John and Jesma O’Hara have just returned from a visit with our partners Cross Culture in Kolkata. A team from Nambour Christian College

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December 2018 Enews

Thank you and Merry Christmas from Neighbours Aid To all of our many friends and supporters, thank you for sharing the Neighbours Aid journey with us throughout 2018. Together we are changing our world one life at a time. We wish you and your families peace and every blessing this

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August 2018 Enews

TEAM NACS RUNNING FOR INDIA In January this year NACS expanded our foot print in India. We began funding a Nursing College that trains poor tribal girls to become community health workers and nurses. Early next year a small team will be visiting and they are busy fundraising for teaching

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July 2018 Enews

NEIGHBOURS AID CHANGING A KENYAN COMMUNITY ONE LIFE AT A TIME The NACS funded work in Kenya is growing and changing many lives in Namanjalala rural slum community where illiteracy,illness, alcoholism and drug abuse, domestic violence and child labour are everyday realities. Our partner Kitale Family House of Hope is

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June 2018 Enews

NEIGHBOURS AID CHANGING THE WORLD ONE LIFE AT A TIME In our goal to bring positive change to individual lives and communities throughout the world, Neighbours Aid is committed to following best practice guidelines in all areas of stewardship of funds and adherence to the ACFID Code of Conduct and

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May 2018 Enews

INTRODUCING NACS DEDICATED STAFF MEMBERS(see featured image) NACS is fortunate to have a wonderful dedicated team of staff members, volunteers and in country partners who work together to change our world one life at a time.  One of our staff members recently said, ”I feel I contribute to Neighbours Aid

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