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January 2020 Enews

The Neighbours Aid Family in Australia, Malawi, Kenya, India, Israel and Fiji wishes all of our friends and supporters a peaceful, blessed 2020.

A Message from Our Malawi Director Joe Mukiwa.

“Malawi is now moving through a terrible situation of hunger and the prices of food and other basic items have gone up unbearably. Secondary sources of statistics show that 75% of people will need government support. The chiefs have started registering people. We will need to join hands with the government as part of corporate social responsibility to take part in supporting the needy people in the surrounding communities where our projects are operating. We have opened up a request for donations from well-wishers to come up with any kind of help ranging from food, clothes etc to help relieve the situation. The government is asking the private sector organizations to take part in supporting those affected by hunger, floods and the shortage of food this year. Please help us to pray for God’s answer.”

If you would like to help us assist the people in Malawi at this difficult time please make a tax deductible donation for J395 Malawi relief.

An Update from our Kenyan Director Edward.

“As we come towards the end of this year there are a few very specific cases that we can look back and thank God for.
* In partnership with the Department of Children’s Services we rescued 3 girls aged 12 – 13 from Uganda who were victims of child trafficking, sexual and physical abuse. They were working in a brothel. They are now back with their parents and being cared for by an organisation in Uganda.
* We have so far rescued 37 teen mothers. At the moment we have 16 girls living in the home and 4 have given birth. We are assisting them to continue their education and taking care of their children while they go to school.
* Eleven of our children completed high school and will enroll in courses in our technical college. Sixteen have completed primary school and enrolled in high schools. One girl  is studying journalism and mass communication at university. None of these children could have accessed any education without Neighbours Aid support.

Mine is to register my warmest appreciation to you and those who serve along side you in this great partnership. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of God’s grace and blessings. Edward”.

India Medical Team 2020

Neighbours Aid will be taking another medical team to India in November to assist at our Nursing College. Interested folk please contact Gus ( ( ).

Malawi, Fiji, India, Israel & Kenya
Neighbours Aid continues to fulfill our vision to change the world one child at a time. We invite you to partner with us.
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* Become a volunteer.
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Janusz Korczak, Polish Child Psychologist who chose to go to the gas chambers with the Jewish children in his care rather than take the offer of freedom. “I exist not to be loved and admired but to live and act. It is not the duty of those around me to love me. Rather, it is my duty to be concerned about the world, about human kind.”

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