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Impacting Lives in Israel





These photos of spring flowers in Israel are a reminder of the young lives that are blossoming with assistance from our Israeli partners.
Neighbours Aid has been supporting Orr Shalom in its work mending broken lives since our beginnings in 2002. Below are some stories about the girls who live in a home that receives our support. Names have been omitted to protect the girls. John and Jesma began supporting the work in 1987.
D is 13 years old. Two years ago she was found to be pregnant. It came out that her mother’s partner had been sexually abusing her for many years. She is receiving the support she needs from the dedicated staff at Orr Shalom.
Y, also aged 13, was referred to Orr Shalom after spending 18 months in a psychiatric ward suffering from extreme depression, OCD and emotional problems.
A, aged 9, came to Orr Shalom a month ago. She had her first psychiatric hospital stay at age 5 and is now receiving the help she needs to deal with her emotional problems.
Neighbours Aid also supports the work of Project Sheba. In the past 6 months educational tutors and mentors have been working with 6 Ethiopian children aged between 9 and 14. One family is a single parent family where the mother is working two jobs to support her 3 children. Our support enables her child to receive the help she needs.

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Neighbours Aid will be opening our 7th store in Morayfield in March and we are excited to welcome Leona Burnett as store manager. Leona has visited our Malawi project on a number of occasions and we are thrilled to welcome her to the Neighbours Aid family in her new role. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! Email Leona at







Expressions of interest are invited for our Spring 2021 Study tour of Israel. Contact for information.

Orr Shalom House Mother –“Children are our future and it’s so worth it to instill in every child hope for the future and to restore their faith in their own abilities. You are the example they will reflect.”

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