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E News 27th September 2016

Love is the effort and desire to make someone one else everything they were created to be.” Timothy Keller

During our last visit to KENYA we sat and listened to our Kenyan leaders Edward and Nancy share about their lives as poor children and how their experiences have given them a passion to change the lives of children in their community. Edward’s parents became landless poor after their ancestral land was taken from them by a member of the military. There was only enough for their family of nine to eat one meal per day over the weekend and there were many days when everyone went hungry. Edward sat for the government year 8 exams 3 times as his family had no money to send him to high school. He now has a beautiful family of 5 daughters and has achieved Masters in Education and Community Development. He says, “My life has given me a passion for what I am doing now.”



Edward’s wife Nancy was one of 18 children to an alcoholic father with 3 wives who committed suicide.  Her father tried to sell her and she knew what it is like to be hungry, alone and afraid. She is now a lecturer at university and teacher’s training college, working on her PHD in education administration and curriculum design. Nancy says that their lives shaped them and gave them a desire to help others raise strong families as they don’t want any children to live as they did.

Their dream for Kitale Family House of Hope and Hope Academy is to develop the new campus to include vocation al training and teacher’s college facilities. They believe more women in their women’s co-op will be empowered and caring for healthy happy families.


Neighbours Aid Study Tour to Israel

On the 17th September the Neighbours Aid Study Tour to Israel departs. We will be touring the land, visiting some of the amazing work people are doing there, and investigating how Neighbours aid might be involved in the future.



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